Reliable Software Systems

Reliable Software Systems is a research line at LASIGE – Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory. LaSIGE is a research unit at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.

RSS focuses on modelling techniques and formal analysis approaches to software system structure and behaviour. It aims at enhancing the software engineering practice and particularly the quality of the software.

Its activity ranges from developing theoretical models, languages and techniques to the development of tools that can be used in the real-world software development process, with a clear impact on the workflow of developers and the industry in general.

RSS centres its attention on the verification and validation of software, increasing the confidence of developers on their code, more so especially in complex and error-prone scenarios, such as concurrent and distributed programs. 

Topics: Software verification and validation, Programming languages, Models of Computation, Concurrency theory, Formal Methods and Theory of Security, Type systems, Logic, Software architectures.